Recording all plants growing wild in Somerset, not just the rarities!


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Yarty Moor

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Menyanthes trifoliata (ITS)

Parentucellia viscosa (GEL)

Pinguicula lusitanica (ITS)

SRPG at Yarty Moor (GEL)

Triglochin palustre (ITS)

Viola riviniana (ITS)



Wall Common

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Atriplex littoralis (ITS)

Erigeron acris (ITS)

Salsola kali (ITS)

Tripleurospermum maritimum (ITS)

Atriplex Workshop at Wall Common (ITS)


Chalk Water, Exmoor

This gallery contains 10 photos.


Drosera rotundifolia (GEL)

Eleocharis multicaulis (ITS)

Jasione montana (ITS)

Cirsium palustre (White Form) (ITS)

Rubus rubritinctus (Flowers) (GEL)

Rubus rubritinctus (Stem) (GEL)

Sedum anglicum (ITS)

SRPG by Chalk Water (GEL)

SRPG near Oareford (ITS)

Thymus polytrichus (GEL)


Blagdon Lake

This gallery contains 4 photos.


SRPG at Blagdon (GEL)

SRPG at Blagdon (MAW)

Thalictrum flavum (MAW)



Genista and Serratula (GEL)




This gallery contains 6 photos.


Euphrasia tetraquetra (HJC)

Anacamptis morio (MAW)

Small Blue Butterfly (MAW)

SRPG at Uphill (MAW)

Uphill Church (MAW)



Koeleria vallesiana (HJC)




This gallery contains 8 photos.

Birchwood Church (HJC)

Caltha palustris (ITS)

Cardamine pratensis (ITS)

Lunch (ITS)

Orange Tip (ITS)

Ranunculus omiophyllus (HJC)

Viola palustris (HJC)

Viola palustris (ITS)



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