Recording all plants growing wild in Somerset, not just the rarities!


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This gallery contains 8 photos.

Birchwood Church (HJC)

Caltha palustris (ITS)

Cardamine pratensis (ITS)

Lunch (ITS)

Orange Tip (ITS)

Ranunculus omiophyllus (HJC)

Viola palustris (HJC)

Viola palustris (ITS)



Leigh Woods

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Arabis scabra (GEL)

Cardamine impatiens (GEL)

Helleborus viridis (GEL)

Helleborus viridis (HJC)

SRPG at Leigh Woods (GEL)

Lathraea squamaria (HJC)


Meeting 17/03/2018

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Simon the magician shows how he creates new Taraxacum species. Just like that.

The pressing workshop.


Esoteric might be the word for this meeting.. and, as ever, very interesting, and enjoyed by all.

Record and Taxon counts

The Excel “maps” containing the latest  record and taxon counts per 1 km square are now available under “Recording in Somerset”.

SRPG Photographic Competition – Results

The SRPG Photographic Competition was held at the AGM on the 20th January 2018.

The winner of the non plant category was:

SRPG on Brean Down (CHS)








The runner up was:

A Wet Picnic (GR)








In the plant category the winner was:

Helianthemum apenninum (CHS)









The runner up was:

Myosurus minimus (SJL)

Photographic Competition Short List (Plant Category)

1 – Rosa stylosa – Dolebury Warren (HJC)

2 – Symphytum x uplandicum -Chard (HJC)

3 – Hyacinthoides non-scripta – Sandford-Wood (HJC)

4 – Agrostemma githago -Combe Cross (GL)

5 – Myosoton aquaticum – Westport Canal (ITS)

6 – Helianthemum apenninum – Brean Down (CHS)

7 – Myosurus minimus – Swell Wood (SJL)

8 – Paris quadrifolia – Sandford Wood (GL)

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