Tyntesfield Meeting

What a great meeting at Tyntesfield yesterday! Great botanising, including lots of rosettes of Spiranthes spiralis in front of the house, and a few spikes in a new location. Picnic lunch in rain and sun, and a marvelous tea back at Pam’s house to celebrate her big birthday.

SRPG Photographic Competition – Results

The SRPG Photographic Competition was held on 23rd February 2019.

The winner of the general category was;

Urban Botany (RF)








and the runner up was:

Flowers in her Hair (RF)








In the plant category the winner was;

Lathraea squamaria (HJC)








and the runners up were:

Anemone nemorosa (HJC)

Achillea ptarmica (HJC)


Photographic Competition Short List – Plant Category

1 – Helleborus viridis – Stokeleigh Camp (HJC)

2 – Lathraea squamaria – Nightingale Valley (HJC)

3 – Anemone nemorosa – King’s Cliff Wood (HJC)

4 – Thalictrum flavum – Blagdon (MAW)

5 – Epipactis palustris – Berrow Dunes (HJC)

6 – Achillea ptarmica – Walk Farm (HJC)

7 – Serratula tinctorial – Walk Farm (HJC)

8 – Mentha pulegium – Steart (RF)

9 – Malva neglecta – East Quantoxhead (ITS)

10 – Euphorbia paralias – Wall Common (CHS)

11 – Parentucellia viscosa – Yarty Moor (GEL)

12 – Lamium purpureum – Taunton (ITS)

Wall Common

Atriplex littoralis (ITS)

Bupleurum tenuissimum (CHS)

Euphorbia paralias (CHS)

Artemisia maritima (CHS)

Suaeda maritima (CHS)

Erigeron acris (ITS)

Salsola kali (ITS)

Tripleurospermum maritimum (ITS)

Atriplex Workshop at Wall Common (ITS)