Thanks from Dee


Just to say a big thank you to everyone who wrote up reports of field meetings. They have all been gathered in , so I am a happy bunny!

Happy to receive Articles at any time, deadline 15 January. Get in touch if that causes anyone a problem.

Thanks again.

Dee Holladay, Editor SRPG Newsletter

Tyntesfield Meeting

What a great meeting at Tyntesfield yesterday! Great botanising, including lots of rosettes of Spiranthes spiralis in front of the house, and a few spikes in a new location. Picnic lunch in rain and sun, and a marvelous tea back at Pam’s house to celebrate her big birthday.

SRPG Photographic Competition – Results

The SRPG Photographic Competition was held on 23rd February 2019.

The winner of the general category was;

Urban Botany (RF)








and the runner up was:

Flowers in her Hair (RF)








In the plant category the winner was;

Lathraea squamaria (HJC)








and the runners up were:

Anemone nemorosa (HJC)

Achillea ptarmica (HJC)


Photographic Competition Short List – Plant Category

1 – Helleborus viridis – Stokeleigh Camp (HJC)

2 – Lathraea squamaria – Nightingale Valley (HJC)

3 – Anemone nemorosa – King’s Cliff Wood (HJC)

4 – Thalictrum flavum – Blagdon (MAW)

5 – Epipactis palustris – Berrow Dunes (HJC)

6 – Achillea ptarmica – Walk Farm (HJC)

7 – Serratula tinctorial – Walk Farm (HJC)

8 – Mentha pulegium – Steart (RF)

9 – Malva neglecta – East Quantoxhead (ITS)

10 – Euphorbia paralias – Wall Common (CHS)

11 – Parentucellia viscosa – Yarty Moor (GEL)

12 – Lamium purpureum – Taunton (ITS)