Index to Newsletter Articles

A list of all articles featured in the SRPG newsletters first published in 1997 and then annually from 2001. Each link will take you to the page on which the article starts.

So who, exactly, was H. D. Jordan?
Ian Salmon71242023
What’s the Craic about the – Grass – Ligule?
Nigel Chaffey72242023
Steep Holm: a Botanical Survey
Helena Crouch78242023
Dandelion Update
Simon Leach and Jeanne Webb79242023
Which Wolffia? A big, small-flowering mysteryFred Rumsey82242023
Plant Records for 2023Helena Crouch84242023
25th Anniversary of Somerset Rare Plants Group
Steve Parker49232022
A Tale of Two Bindweeds
Fred Rumsey55232022
Scaly Male-ferns in Somerset
Fred Rumsey56232022
Mountain Pansy on Exmoor
Ian Green61232022
Dandelion Update
Simon Leach, Jeanne Webb and Graham Lavender62232022
Botanical Beginnings
John Roberts64232022
Expect the Unexpected
Val Roberts65232022
Book Review - The Wardian Case: How a Simple Box Moved Plants and Changed the World
Nigel Chaffey66232022
Obituary - Clive Lovatt
Mark and Clare Kitchen69232022
Obituary - Liz McDonnellRo FitzGerald72232022
Plant Records for 2022Helena Crouch75232022
A Dandelion Update
Simon Leach, Graham Lavender and Jeanne Webb33222021
A Dandelion Update
Clive Lovatt34222021
2020/2021 Mistletoe Survey
Liz McDonnell36222021
Willows not Weeping - Desmond Meikle OBE (18 May 1923 – 8 Feb 2021)
Ro FitzGerald38222021
First Flowerings in 2021
Simon Leach39222021
Peter Mountford Remembered by his SRPG Friends
Clive Lovatt40222021
Plant Records for 2021
Helena Crouch42222021
First Flowerings
Simon Leach721 (1)2020
Arthur G Tansley (1871-1955), H Stuart Thompson (1870-1940) and the Sharpham Moor Plot
Clive Lovatt121 (2)2020
Searching for Adder’s-tongue During Lockdown
Liz McDonnell721 (2)2020
VC5 A September day at ClatworthyGraham Lavender921 (2)2020
First Flowering - was it really such an exceptional year?
Simon Leach1021 (2)2020
Some Interesting FindsMargaret Webster1421 (2)2020
Hairy Mallow (Althaea hirsuta) at Cleeve Hill SSSIJeanne Webb1521 (2)2020
Update on the Colour in the Margins (CitM) projectAlison Mitchel1621 (2)2020
Plant Records for 2020Helena Crouch1721 (2)2020
White Rock-rose (Helianthemum appeninum) Survey at Purn HillJenny Greenwood and Millie Wilson33202019
Nit Grass (Gastridium ventricosum)Liz McDonnell34202019
A Surprise Discovery: Autumn Lady's-tresses (Spiranthes spiralis)Karen Netto (Andrews)35202019
Colour in the Margins UpdateAlison Mitchell36202019
Unwelcome Plants! Floating Pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides) and Water Primrose (Ludwigia hexapetala)Steve Parker37202019
Taunton Herbarium UpdateLiz McDonnell et al38202019
New Eyes in Old HauntsKaren Netto (Andrews)39202019
(Yet More) Dandelions in VC5!Simon Leach40202019
Gall of the Year 2019 - Plagiotrochus quercusilicisSimon Leach42202019
Plant Records for 2019Helena Crouch43202019
The Friday Group 2018Graham Lavender and Ro FitzGerald
Back from the Brink – again! Recovering Interrupted Brome (Bromus interruptus)
Fred Rumsey
Classical origins of the names of two common plants: Enchanter’s-nightshade (Circaea lutetiana) and Hemp-agrimony (Eupatorium cannabinum)
Val Graham
Botanical Note - Actinomorphic Flower in Round-leaved Fluellen (Kickxia spuria)
Tony Watts
Additions to the Dandelion Flora of Somerset
Simon Leach, Graham Lavender and Jeanne Webb
Red Valerian leaf-roll gall (Trioza centranthi)
Simon Leach
An Update on the Colour in the Margins project
Alison Mitchell
An Intertidal Adventure - hunting for Eelgrass (Zostera marina)
Ro FitzGerald
Libby Houston wins the Marsh Botany Award
Report: The Herbarium Team
Liz McDonnell et al
2018 Plant Records
Helena Crouch
The “Friday group” - Recording in South Somerset (VC5)
Graham Lavender
Hawkweeds (Hieracia) in South Somerset VC5
Graham Lavender30182017
When Somerset Rare Plants Group met a Beekeeper
Roy White
2017 Plant Records
Helena Crouch
Exmoor Recording
Graham Lavender24172016
Discovery of Phyla nodiflora var. minor in West Quantoxhead
Ro FitzGerald25172016
Euphrasias of Exmoor
Graham Lavender
Taunton Herbarium – digitisation and other projects
Liz McDonnell
Copse-bindweed (Fallopia dumetorum) rediscovered in Somerset
Clive Lovatt
A spiny challenge! Gorse (Ulex) identification
Ro FitzGerald
Additions to the Dandelion Flora of Somerset
Simon Leach, John Richards and Jeanne Webb
2016 Plant Records
Helena Crouch
Parsley-pierts - Aphanes australis or avensis, are there recording errors?
Graham Lavender21162015
Things I’ve learnt since I started my Black Poplar Survey
Ian Salmon22162014
Recording— a journey or an arrival?
Ro FitzGerald24162014
Botanical notes from Exmoor
Graham Lavender25162014
2015 Plant Records
Helena Crouch28162014
Boxing Day Recording
Liz McDonnell16152014
Somerset’s last unexplored botanical wilderness?
Graham Lavender
Look our for those cameras - a cautionary tale
Liz McDonnell
Collecting seed for the Millenium Seed Bank
Liz McDonnell
‘Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do …'
Ro FitzGerald
Coastal Rare Plant Survey
Helena Crouch
The recent spread of Tree Mallow (Malva arborea) along major trunk roads in Somerset
Simon Leach
Little Laughs
Ro FitzGerald23152014
2014 Plant Records
Helena Crouch24152014
Is Small-leaved Sweet-briar (Rosa agrestis) a victim of climate change?
Rob Randall
2013 Plant Records
Helena Crouch19142013
Elecampane and Yellow Oxeye
Helena Crouch16132012
Brachypodium pinnatum/B. rupestre
Helena Crouch16132012
Select of Rubus species for the Somerset Rare Plant Register
Rob Randall17132012
Plant Records
Helena Crouch17132012
Bolboschoenus laticarpus
Helena Crouch10122011
Plant Records
Helena Crouch11122011
John Gibson obituary
Liz McDonnell12122011
Two Mediterranean Weeds new to Somerset
Helena Crouch
Small Water-pepper (Persicaria minor) returns
Helena Crouch
Blunt-leaved Pondweed (Potamogeton obtusifolius)
Helena Crouch
Tephroseris integrifolia subsp. integrifolia (Field Fleawort)
Helena Crouch
New Somerset Plant Records
Helena Crouch
Exmoor Plant Survey
Caroline Giddens
Plant Notes 2009
Helena Crouch10102009
Orobanche minor var. compositarum In Somerset
Helena Crouch and Fred Rumsey
A new population of Cheddar Pink
Helena Crouch12102009
Plant Notes 2008Steve Parker, Helena Crouch992008
Wool Aliens at Glastonbury

Helena Crouch1292008
New and Interesting Records
Helena Crouch1082007
New Somerset Plant Records
Paul and Ian Green
Other Plant Notes
Helena Crouch1172006
Report of Recording Effort
Steve Parker
New and Interesting Records
Paul Green
Plant Notes
Paul Green, Jeanne Webb
Plant Notes
Steve Parker, Caroline Giddens, Paul Green, Jeanne Webb
Plant Notes
Caroline Giddings842003
Obituary - John Frederic Maxwell
Ian and Paul Green842003
The Swedish Invasion
Gill Read732002
Plant Notes
Caroline Giddens832002
Ukbotany - an internet resource for botanists
Steve Priddy622001
Formation of SRPG
Liz McDonnell101997