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If you are new to the site, please use the menus at top-right to find your way around. The latest posts are on the home page. Try the activities menu to find out what we do and how to join us. About Us will tell you about the organisation of the group. You can click on the search icon (a magnifying glass, top right) to search the whole website. Another very effective way of searching is via Google search. To do this, enter the website address followed by a space, and the thing you want to find “in quotes” as in the following examples:

  • “Calike maritima”
  • “Dunkery”

This will even find items inside documents, such as our annual newsletters, as well as web page content.

This website would not have been possible without the assistance of  Tony Price and the facilities provided by the Somerset Environmental Records Centre. Many thanks are also due to Christine Loudon who has managed the website from its inception until recently.

Any contributions to the website, suggestions for improvements, or problems with access can be sent to the website manager.

Some members are assigned access rights to allow them modify the website. These roles are explained here.

The website’s cookie policy is available here and the privacy policy is here.