SRPG Recording Cards

These cards are intended for completion in the field. You can download and print the general recording card, occasional records form, and Taraxacum recording card below. You should send completed cards to your Vice County Recorder (VCR). You can also enter your records into a spreadsheet such as this one and submit that. If you are collecting records, please submit them periodically, so that the VCRs can enter them into MapMate and share them with BSBI and the relevant environmental record centre. You can also submit records by email, but please remember to include the essential details: WHO – your name, WHAT – species or subspecies, WHEN – the date, WHERE – site name and grid reference. More details can be found in the spreadsheet and on the Recording page.

The latest general recording card can be downloaded here. The card was updated in August 2021 to align with the Fourth Edition of the New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace. Some errors have been corrected in the current version, issued April 2022.

If you would like pre-printed cards, contact your VCR.

The previous general recording card is here if you need it for any reason, based on Stace Third Edition.