Read all about it – the 2023 newsletter is here

Now available just over here, our full-colour heavily illustrated record of our doings in 2023. Many thanks are due to all the contributors and especially to Karen Andrews for wrestling the content into this impressive publication. It includes reports on all our indoor and outdoor meetings including our very successful 25th anniversary conference and a number of articles on the following diverse subjects.

Nigel Chaffey provides some in-depth analysis of the form and function of the grass ligule. I always thought it was just nature being kind to botanists, but no, it appears to have two distinct functions! Fred Rumsey has given us a summary of the newly-recognised complications of our smallest flowering plants in the genus Wolffia (Watermeals or Rootless Duckweeds). Ian Salmon has been investigating H.D. Jordan, whose specimens have been added to the Somerset County Herbarium and Helena Crouch reports on a botanical survey of Somerset’s largest island, Steep Holm (largest of two I think but I’m happy to be corrected). As ever there is a summary of interesting plant records for 2023 from Helena and also an update from the dandelion recorders Simon Leach and Jeanne Webb. Happy reading!

Below – a small taster of some of the images in the articles – Henbane on Steep Holm (© Helena Crouch), , a section through the ligule of Millium effusum (© Nigel Chaffey), Taraxacum falcatum (© Simon Leach) and Wolffia columbiana (© Helena Crouch).