Somerset Stonewort Register

This register lists Charophytes of Somerset, on the same basis as the vascular plants in the Rare Plant Register (RPR). More information on the content of the RPR is available in the introduction.
TAXONGB STATUSEngland STATUSNat. Rare/ ScarceSch. 8Section 41VC5 Rare/ ScarceVC6 Rare/ ScarceLast VC5 Record if "Lost"Last VC6 Record if "Lost"Somerset Status
Chara aculeolataLCScarceAbsentRareNative
Chara asperaLCAbsentRareNative
Chara contrariaLCAbsentRareNative
Chara globularisLCRareNot ScarceNative
Chara hispidaLCAbsentScarceNative
Chara virgataLCRareScarceNative
Chara vulgarisLCScarceNot ScarceNative
Nitella flexilis s.l.LCAbsentRareNative
Nitella flexilis s.s.LCScarceRareAbsentNative
Nitella mucronataLCScarceRareRareNative
Nitella opacaLCRareRareNative
Nitella translucensLCRareLost1922Native
Nitellopsis obtusaVURareS. 41AbsentRareNative
Tolypella glomerataLCScarceAbsentRareNative
Tolypella intricataENRareS. 41AbsentRareNative
Tolypella proliferaENScarceS. 41LostRare1917Native
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