RPR – Introduction

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) encourages all county recorders to produce a County Rare Plant Register. Members of Somerset Rare Plants Group (SRPG) have been working towards a Rare Plant Register (RPR) for Somerset since the group was first formed.  The list of taxa qualifying for inclusion has been updated many times, for example following publication of the most recent Red Data List for Great Britain (Cheffings & Farrell, 2005) and all subsequent published amendments; the issuing of Section 41 (England) of the NERC Act (2006); the publication of A Vascular Plant Red List for England (Stroh et al., 2014); and the revision of GB Rare and Scarce categories following publication of  Plant Atlas 2020 (Stroh et al., 2023). In addition, the local rarity of each taxon is constantly reassessed as recording progresses, and nomenclature has been updated following the publication of several BSBI Handbooks and new editions of the New Flora of the British Isles (Stace, 2009, 2019).

The regularly updated draft list of taxa qualifying for inclusion in the Somerset RPR can be seen here. The list is presented as a table summarising the reason(s) for inclusion of each taxon (see below), the date of the last record in each VC if believed “lost”, and the status of the taxon in Somerset.