Who we are

The purpose of the Group is to promote the study of and interest in all vascular plants and charophytes (and not just the rare ones) growing wild in Somerset. You can find out how to take part in our activities here. The group’s geographical remit is the whole of the original county of Somerset, comprising the two vice-counties of South Somerset (VC5) and North Somerset (VC6). More details can be found on our Recording page.  Our organisation is described more formally here, with a list of committee members (Photo at West Sedgemoor © Ro FitzGerald).

The SRPG was set up in 1997 with the aim of forming a concentration of botanical expertise, to continue the long tradition of botanical recording in the county, and especially to promote vascular plant conservation. Priority is given to species of international and national concern occurring in Somerset, including those listed in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and the 2005 Vascular Plant Red List. Sites and habitats are visited and the populations of the rare and scarce species are assessed for their strength, health and vulnerability. The mapping of plant distributions is a key function of the group. (Photo at Brean Down © Cath Shellswell)

Two members of the group were co-authors (with Geraldine Crouch) of the Atlas Flora of Somerset which was published in 1997. Several of our members are also producing local or parish floras.  Most of the photographs on the site were taken in Somerset by members of the group. Copyright remains with the photographer. Please let us know of any omissions or other mistakes.