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Recording all plants growing wild in Somerset, not just the rarities!

Waterrow – 10 Sep 16

This gallery contains 9 photos.


Euphorbia exigua (GL)


Galeopsis bifida (ITS)


Kickxia elatine (GL)


Lunch near Waterrow (RFG)


Spergula arvensis (GL)


SRPG at Waterrow (GL)


Stachys arvensis (ITS)


Stachys palustris (ITS)


Surveying a Field Margin (RFG)

North Petherton – 27 Aug 16

This gallery contains 6 photos.


Checking the Results (ITS)


Phacelia tanacetifolia (HJC)


Sparganium erectum (ITS)


Surveying an Arable Field Margin (RFG)


Surveying in the Phacelia Field (GR)


view from Dancing Hill (ITS)

Brent Knoll – 30 Jul 16

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Catapodium rigidum subsp majus - Brent Knoll (HJC)

Catapodium rigidum subsp majus (HJC)

Centaurea nigra - Brent Knoll ST3450 (ITS)

Centaurea nigra (ITS)

Convolvulus arvensis forma decarrhabdotus - Brent Knoll (HJC)

Convolvulus arvensis forma decarrhabdotus (HJC)

Lunch at Brent Knoll (GL)

Lunch at Brent Knoll (GL)

Picris hieracioides - Brent Knoll ST3351 (ITS)

Picris hieracioides (ITS)

SRPG at Brent Knoll (GL)

SRPG at Brent Knoll (GL)

SRPG resting at the top - Brent Knoll (ITS)

SRPG resting at the top (ITS)

Tamus communis - Brent Knoll ST3350 (ITS)

Tamus communis (ITS)

Teasels by Brent Broad Rhyne, Brent Knoll (HJC)

Teasels by Brent Broad Rhyne (HJC)

Torilis nodosa - Brent Knoll (HJC)

Torilis nodosa (HJC)

Clatworthy – 3 Jul 16

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Alopecurus aequalis - Clatworthy (ITS)

Alopecurus aequalis (ITS)

Carex leporina - Clatworthy (ITS)

Carex leporina (ITS)

Crassula helmsii - Clatworthy (ITS)

Crassula helmsii (ITS)

Valeriana officinalis - Clatworthy (ITS)

Valeriana officinalis (ITS)

Looking for an Alternative Route - Clatworthy (ITS)

Looking for a Route (ITS)

SRPG Boat Section - Clatworthy (GL)

Some of the boat team (GL)

Durborough Farm, Aisholt – 19 Jun 16

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Ceratocapnos claviculata - Durborough (ITS)

Ceratocapnos claviculata (ITS)

Cirsium palustre (white form) - Durborough (ITS)

Cirsium palustre (ITS)

Dactylorhiza praetermissa and Rhinanthus minor - Durborough (RFitzG)

Dactylorhiza praetermissa and Rhinanthus minor (RFitzG)

Dactylorhiza x grandis - Durborough (CLo)

Dactylorhiza x grandis (CLo)

Durborough Meadow Team (RFitzG)

Durborough Meadow Team (RFitzG)

Leontodon hispidus (field) - Durborough (RFitzG)

Field of Leontodon hispidus (RFitzG)

Making Friends - Durborogh (ITS)

Making Friends (ITS)

Nice scenery when visible - Durborough (GL)

Nice scenery when visible (GL)

Oreopteris limbosperma - Durborough (ITS)

Oreopteris limbosperma (ITS)

Ranunculus hederaceus - Durborough (ITS)

Ranunculus hederaceus (ITS)

Fairfield Estate, Stogursey – 18 Jun 16

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Anthemis cotula - Fairfield Estate (ITS)

Anthemis cotula (ITS)

Allium vineale - Fairfield Estate (CHS)

Allium vineale (CHS)

Carex acutiformis - Fairfield Estate (GL)

Carex acutiformis (GL)

Centaurea nigra - Fairfield Estate (ITS)

Centaurea nigra (ITS)

Iris pseudacorus - Fairfield Estate (ITS)

Iris pseudacorus (ITS)

Lunch at Fairfield House (GL)

Lunch at Fairfield House (GL)

Scrophularia nodosa - Fairfield Estate (CHS)

Scrophularia nodosa (CHS)

Thlaspi arvense - Fairfield Estate (GL)

Thlaspi arvense (GL)

Torilis nodosa - Fairfield Estate (CHS)

Torilis nodosa (CHS)

Smelling the Stinking Chamomile - Fairfield Estate (CHS)

Smelling the Stinking Chamomile (CHS)


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