Week 13 Preview

Week 13 Preview : 11th – 17th June

We’ll go for 19 spp this week. I think maybe we should give up on Alsike Clover, Trifolium hybridum, so let’s start by rolling over four from Week 12, three of them wetland species:

Flowering-rush, Butomus umbellatus; Marsh Woundwort, Stachys palustris; Water-plantain, Alisma plantago-aquatica; Traveller’s-joy, Clematis vitalba;

To which we can now add the following 15 spp:

Creeping Bent, Agrostis stolonifera;Tufted Hair-grass, Deschampsia cespitosa; Hairy-brome, Bromopsis ramosa; Stemless Thistle, Cirsium acaule; Lesser Burdock, Arctium minus agg; Wild Basil, Clinopodium vulgare; Autumn Hawkbit, Scorzoneroides autumnalis; Lesser Centaury, Centaurium pulchellum; Marjoram, Origanum vulgare; Greater Burdock, Arctium lappa; Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris; Teasel, Dipsacus fullonum; Square-stalked St John’s-wort, Hypericum tetrapterum; and, lastly, for anyone who happens to be on the Levels, what about Tubular Water-dropwort, Oenanthe fistulosa?Or, if you’re near the coast, Parsley Water-dropwort, Oenanthe lachenalii?

Plus there are many species, e.g. Wild Thyme, Thymus drucei,Upright hedge-parsley, Torilis japonica, Betony, Betonica officinalis,  and Common Centaury, Centaurium erythraea, for which we’ve so far only had one or two anomalous/exceptionally early records, but which should soon be starting to flower more widely.

As always, do let me know—by 3 p.m. next Wednesday would be ideal—if you see any of these (or other) spp coming into flower over the next week, by email to simonleach@phonecoop.coop.

Good wishes for the coming week. Stay safe and stay dry.