Photographic Competition

Many thanks are due to Bill Urwin for organising a photo competition for 2020 consistent with all the Covid-19 restrictions. As a reminder, there were four categories as shown in the table below.

Please click here to see the winning entries.

Plant in Habitat (Ph)A picture containing largely one species or a mix of species that typify one
habitat type.
Plant as Host (PHo)A picture containing a plant with another species that either lives on that plant as
an epiphyte , parasite, pollinator etc. Examples might include: an Ash trunk with lichen, Alliara petiolata or Cardamine pratensis with the adult or caterpillar of the Orange-Tip Butterfly –
Anthocharis cardamines, Ulex europaeus with Cuscuta epithymum growing on it, galls, fungi, smuts and rusts on a variety of plants.
Life in Lockdown (LL)A portrait of the botanist as a wider personality, surprise us with an unknown skill you exhibited during these strange times.
First Flowering (FF)A picture of your first discovery this year of a particular species of flowering plant.