Photo Competition Results

 Here are the results of the competition organised by Bill Urwin last year. Bill asked local wildlife photographer Graham Hall to select a first, second and third photo in each of the four categories plus an overall winner. You can see Graham’s expert work on Flickr. As a last minute addition, we put the entries up on the website for members to choose their overall favourite.

Congratulations to all the winning photographers and many thanks to Bill and Graham and, of course, to everyone who took part.

The overall winner was submitted by Georgina Shuckburgh in the First Flowering category. She will be receiving this exciting prize.

Category Winners

Thumbnails below are cropped. If anyone wants to add more information to the captions, or to correct my errors, let me know.


Plant in Habitat

  1. Green-winged Orchid at Ashton Court by David Hawkins
  2. Ramsons and Bluebells by Margaret Webster
  3. Oblong-leaved Sundew at Yarty Moor by Fred Rumsey

Plant as Host

  1. Robin’s Pincushion gall by Mary Wood
  2. Usnea lichen on Rowan at Sherberton, Dartmoor by Helena Crouch
  3. Fritillary on Ragged Robin by Georgina Shuckburgh

Life in Lockdown

  1. Liz McDonnell by Stephen Parker
  2. What is that? by Chris Loudon
  3. Flowers by Rosemary FitzGerald

First Flowering

  1. St. John’s Wort by Georgina Shuckburgh (OVERALL WINNER)
  2. Saw-wort by Chris Loudon
  3. Harebells by Georgina Shuckburgh

Members’ Choice

Hawkweed by Georgina Shuckburgh