Myosotis ramosissima

Early Forget-me-not (Myosotis ramosissima)

This is a very small (2-15cm) hairy annual with tiny blue flowers, which is found on dry shallow soils and bare rocky limestone. It flowers between April and June and has usually fruited and died away by mid to late summer.  It is under-recorded and probably overlooked as it can be very inconspicuous.  It likes sunny south-facing slopes and can sometimes be found in patches of many individuals.  

Text Box: ©Helena Crouch
photo: Helena Crouch

Put all the information – finder, date, place, grid ref and any other details – population estimate, other associated species etc. on a Somerset Occasional Records Form (available on the ‘Recording’ tab of the SRPG website) and send your records to me as it will help with the targeting list for next year, when hopefully, we will be free to search for this and other species at our leisure. 

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