23 Young Wood

Park in small parking area at end of track (ST248198).

Take the track south through the edge of Lime Ridge Wood and shortly after crossing a bridge you will come to a crossroads, at this point turn sharp left downhill (just before the Herepath sign) where Large-leaved Lime occurs in the woodland on both sides of the track. Follow the track until you come to the second clearing. The open area is managed by the Somerset Butterfly Group, mainly for the preservation of the Wood White and Duke of Burgundy Fritillary butterflies. This area is also very good for plants; Cowslips, Primroses, False Oxslips, Dyer’s Greenweed, Early-purple Orchids, Pyramidal and Bee Orchids etc, very early in the year. There is a small area of scrub, roughly in the middle of the clearing, where a young Wild Service-tree can be found. Along the top edge of the clearing Southern Wood-rush occurs, albeit in small quantity. Roughly half way along this top edge is a rather overgrown and somewhat concealed entrance to a steep path up through the trees which comes out onto a wide open track. Turn left along this track, where Autumn Gentian, Common and Lesser Centaury can be found in good quantity. On the left of this track is a small, long since disused quarry in which Bee Orchids and Carline Thistles can be found and also in very small quantity Early Gentian. Continue along the main track which eventually ends at a field gate, here Dwarf Elder and Oregon-grape grow. At this point it is probably best to retrace your steps as it is a large wood with many tracks and it is very easy to take a wrong turning.