Committee 2020

A committee structure was agreed at the meeting on January 19 2019, to replace the informal arrangements which had been in place before. These arrangements had worked very well up to this point, but relied too much on a coordinator for whom it was a huge time commitment.

Thank you, Liz.

The roles which spread the workload are as follows:

Roles and Committee Members 2020


Role Name E-mail
Chair Steve Parker


mobile 07876 146112

Membership Secretary (all general enquiries) Ellen McDouall
Meetings Secretary Graham Lavender
Treasurer Clive Lovatt
Newsletter Editor Dee Holladay
Website Manager Christine Loudon
Rare Plant Register Editor Helena Crouch
Photo Competition  

 Bill Urwin


Vice-County Recorder (VC5)


Steve Parker
Vice-County Recorder (VC5)


Simon Leach
Vice-County Recorder (VC6)


Helena Crouch
Vice-County Recorder (VC6)


Liz McDonnell