BSBI Atlas 2020 coverage maps

Maps showing BSBI Atlas 2020 coverage for GB and Ireland
Maps showing Atlas 2020 coverage were prepared using QGIS for each Vice county in GB and Ireland (but not the Channel Islands). The maps are designed to be of practical use to BSBI Recorders, e.g. for planning Atlas 2020. Specifically they show the number of taxa (species + hybrids) recorded post 1999 per tetrad, using data downloaded from the DDb. They are updated periodically; the map title shows the date when data was downloaded from the DDb.

Background layers:
* The GB maps show A and B roads, and lochs / lakes (mainly to help indicate the geography of each vc), and use the NBN vc boundaries.
*The Irish maps show the road network and larger loughs. Two different road network layers are used, and that for the Republic had no info on road types. In the North I have just shown main roads. The vc boundaries are the latest version from
*All maps show the hectad grid which is labelled.

The process of creating maps for each vc is semi-automated (using the QGIS ‘Atlas’ function), though this creates a few issues:
• The legend partially obscures parts of a few vcc, (but is slightly transparent, so that helps).
• The maps automatically rescale to fit the available space for each vc, so visual appearance varies. This is not a problem except for vcc 110 and 112, which cover too wide a latitudinal extent to be clearly legible. Additional maps for separate parts of vc110 have been created.
• The Channel Islands are not included in the NBN vc boundary layer used, so, unfortunately are not be included in the maps.

If you have any queries or comments relating to the maps then please get in touch with me.
Andy Amphlett

Maps for Somerset Vcs have been extracted and are shown below:

For the period post 1999

Comparative maps for the period 1950 to 2019