21 West Quantoxhead

Park in pub car park, with permission (ST112418).

To the east of the pub is a track which runs south into a large disused quarry. There are areas of scrub, mainly comprising of Butterfly-bush and Hollyberried Cotoneaster, however wetter areas are covered by Birch and Willow scrub and this is also good for Bog Pimpernel and several species of sedge. A large pond has several introduced species, e.g. Greater Spearwort and Sweet Flag. There are bare and short grassy areas which are good for Small-flowered Buttercup, Common Cudweed and Knotted Clover. Along the quarry track Spear- leaved Willowherb is also plentiful. A nice variety without having to walk very far.

Bog Pimpernel (Anagallis tenella) ITS