20 Wadbury Valley

This lies between Mells and Great Elm. It is best to park at the Great Elm end, where the road crosses the Mells Stream (ST748491).

The footpath goes along both sides of the stream but it is best to take the footpath on the north side of the stream. This is a wooded, rocky steep-sided valley. To start with you pass several introduced species such as the Japanese Angelica-tree and Bladdenut. Solomon’s-seal, Wood Anemone and Ramsons are plentiful along the path sides. The path eventually takes you by some derelict iron works the walls of which are good for Brittle Bladder-fem. Amongst the iron works Blue-eyed-Mary can be found. Nearby Stinking Hellebores can be found among the trees above the path behind the iron works. Beyond the iron works Somerset Skullcap is plentiful under the trees and Monk’s-hood grows on the river banks.