2 Berrow Dunes

Park either by Berrow Church (ST294524) or in a small triangular parking area, opposite a footpath leading into the dunes (ST299515).

A mixture of dunes, salt-marsh and reed beds. The dunes are the best sandy area in the county, though a large part of this is taken up by Berrow Golf Course. In this area you are officially restricted to footpaths and need to beware of flying golf balls A small pond, directly west of Berrow church, is well worth a visit to see Water-soldiers and the surrounding damp areas provide habitat for Southern Marsh-orchids and Marsh Helleborines and this is the only remaining Somerset site for Divided Sedge. A few metres to the north of the pond, in a damp area, is the site for Round-headed Club-rush. Elsewhere on the dunes especially more to the south, extensive areas of Bulbous Meadow-grass are found and, on the disturbed areas, Great Brome is in abundance along with Fragrant Evening-primrose.

The dunes have an extensive reed bed system which is the home of the Somerset Rush. This is difficult to locate amongst the Common Reed and Wellington boots are recommended as it is usually waterlogged. The salt-marshes are ever changing but a walk along the path between the Sea-buckthom and the salt-marsh reveals Wild Celery, Long-bracted Sedge, Parsley Water-dropwort and, deeper into the salt-marsh, Sharp Rush.