19 Shapwick Heath

Park on verge by bridge (ST423411).

Shapwick early morningWalk south along the road until you come to the first track on the left. Take this track and then the next right hand path. This is good for many of the species found on the peat moors – e.g. Marsh Fern, Yellow Loosestrife, Bog-myrtle, Royal Fern and Alder Buckthorn. Bear left at the next track and follow this until you reach a ‘T’ junction at the beginning of a large flooded area of peat moor which is good for birds and dragonflies, the disturbed banks of this flooded area are a good place to look for Marsh and Golden Dock. Walk along the track to the north and this will eventually take you onto a dismantled railway line, turn left along the track which leads you back to the road. On the left hand side of this stretch of track is a large stand of Narrow-leaved Everlasting-pea.