15 Long Sutton Plantations, Burnt House and Monday’s Court Lane

Park on verge of lane, before railway bridge (ST461269).

Wild Celery enjoys the moisture of the ditch on the west side of the lane. Go under the bridge and turn right, this lane takes you alongside the railway. The bank is becoming overgrown by scrub but is still good for Corn Parsley, Kidney Vetch and a single clump of the garden Purple Crane’s-bill. Follow along the track and you should find Slender Tare, Pale Flax, Grass and Yellow Vetchling before you reach the mature Beech copse on your right. In the copse White Helleborine and Spurge Laurel occur. Return to the track and take the path north through Long Sutton Plantations – not the most exciting of plantations but it does have a healthy population of Greater Butterfly Orchids and Common Twayblade. At the end of the plantation, turn right and follow the track, keeping right at all junctions until you reach the Beech copse again. Drop down through the copse to the field below and, even though the majority of the field is under cultivation, there is a strip left alongside the copse and this has a surprisingly rich flora, including Narrow-leaved Bird’s-foot-trefoil, Bee and Pyramid Orchids – this footpath takes you down alongside the field and back to the car.