14 Lollover Hill

Park by the church in Dundon (ST479325).

lollover dundonWalk south along the road until you come to a track on the right hand side, ignoring a footpath at the bottom of the church lane. Just before the track you should find Hungarian Mullein growing on walls and verges in the village. The track verges are herb rich with species such as Bithynian Vetch, Slender Tare, Grass and Yellow Vetchling and worth exploring. Pass a turning on your right to see the most interesting and botanically rich section of track. However, to reach the hill top it is best to retrace your steps after getting about as far as the second gate on the left (the first is very overgrown) and take a track, now on the left, which runs out at a field gate. This takes you onto Lollover Hill. lolloverblackstoniaThe south side is best botanically, and in most years Bee Orchids, Pyramidal Orchids, Blackstonia and Autumn Lady’s-tresses are found in good numbers. Green-winged Orchids and Nitgrass grow on the lower parts of the hill. Often difficult to find are Early Gentian, Horseshoe Vetch and Rough Clover.