13 Landacre Bridge

Park on roadside at SS 816360

A very scenic valley with the River Barle running through it. The river is good for Alternate Water-milfoil and the hybrid between Monkeyflower and Blood-drop-emlets. In places the river banks are lined with Montbretia and Bottle Sedge. Boggy areas are good for Bog-bean, Marsh Speedwell, Bog Asphodel, Round-leaved Sundew and the grassy banks are good for Ivy-leaved Bellflower and, for those brave enough to try to key them out, Euphrasia confusa and E. anglica – together with hybrids between the two! The damp rocky outcrops provide an ideal habitat for Great Wood- rush, Lemon-scented Fern and nowadays, in extremely small quantity, Oak Fern. The drier rocks are, in places, awash with the blue flowers of Sheep’s-bit.