11 Dunster Beach and Minehead dunes

Park in Dunster Beach car park (ST004445).

Trifolium suffocatum by Cath Shellswell
Trifolium suffocatum by Cath Shellswell

This comprises a small strip of dune system, a golf course and compacted sandy areas amongst the chalet complex and a nature trail around several ponds in a wooded area. The dune system at the Minehead end is the best area to see the Sand Catchfly and Dune Fescue. The golf course provides rough grassy humps and these are ideal for Spring Vetch and Upright Chickweed. The compacted areas between the chalets suit admirably the Mossy Stonecrop and Suffocated Clover (Trifolium suffocatum).

HXPTrifolium scabrumMinehead
Trifolium scabrum at Minehead